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New Student Application

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A non-refundable fee of $25 per family is required to complete the registration process. Each enrolled student must have a current application in their permanent records annually.

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Parent Last Name

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Parent First Name

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Parent Email Address

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City, State, Zip Code

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Phone number

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Student First and Last Name

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Previous school name and address: 

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Choose enrollment status: 

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Students' last grade level:

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How would you rate the student's previous academic level:

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Has student failed any grade(s)? 

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If yes, what grade(s)? 

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Has child ever been explled, dismissed, suspended, or refused admission to another school? Yes or No. If yes, explain. 

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Has child ever had disciplinary problems? Yes or No. If yes, explain. 

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Has child ever used tobacco or drugs of any kind? Yes or No. If yes, explain. 

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Has child ever been in trouble with the law, arrested, etc.? Yes or No. If yes, explain. 

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Student Testimony: What is your personal relationship to God? How does one become a Christian?

Please type N/A if not applicable. 

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Parental Testimony: In your opinion how does one become a Christian, and what is involved in living the Christian life? 

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Student needs to answer this if 12 years old and older.  State in your own words why you want to attend KGCA: 

If student is unable to answer this question, please type N/A. 

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Parent, what is your reason for selecting this school for your child(ren)? 

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We were recommended to the school by: 

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Pictures Taken

Do you consent to have pictures taken, posted, and shared? These images may be used in the yearbook, marketing, or promotional materials in print and on the Internet. Your agreement grants KGCA or CHESS permission to post your child. However, posting their name will require written authorization and approval.

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Are you available on Wednesdays? Join us on our homeschool co-op day. Co-op allows you to spend a school day with your child, experiencing an exciting hands-on learning environment with other like-minded parents. It is a parent-led setting where we gather weekly to work cooperatively, meeting our children's educational and spiritual needs. This day also serves as our field trip day. We meet for enrichment classes and activities from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Spirit of Liberty Church at 3939 Blackstone Ave, Markham, IL. 

Note: Your child will be automatically enrolled in our CHESS Co-op classes, and working parent participation is not required. However, we highly encourage your participation if your work schedule allows you time off.

If you answer yes, please complete the enrollment process for KGCA first. Afterward, return to this site and request membership by clicking the JOIN button at the top.

Yes, I'm available! No, I have to work.
I'll work on getting time off.
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Restricted Pick-up Information. I understand that if I wish to have someone other that thiese individuals listed below pick up my child(ren) from KGCA, I must notify the Administrator of the individual's name and the time the child(ren) will be picked up. 


I give KGCA permission to transport my child for planned shcool activities and school-sponsored events away from school property.  Since I also believe that discipline is necessary for the welfare of each student, as well as for the entire school, I give permission to make and enforce classroom rules in a manner consistent with Christian priniples as set forth in the Scriptures. 

I further agree to hold the school and its agents harmless for any liability to my child because of any claims on behalf of my child against the school or its agents because of any injury or alleged injury to my child.  If legal action should, for any reason, be taken against Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy or its agents or employees, on behalf of my child, and the school or its agent not be found at fault, I agree to pay any attorney fees, court costs, damages, or other costs KGCA may incur to defend itself against such action. 

This statement of cooperation will be effective for as long as my child is listed, enrolled or attending Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy.

26. *
  • “I understand that the school program is an integral part of child training which I am expected to support.
  • “I hereby commit to assuming my Scriptural responsibility for financial support of the school.
  • “I understand that my child is expected to take part in school activities, including P.E. and sponsored trips away from the educational facility, and I absolve the school from liability to me or my child because of injury to my child at properly supervised school activities.
  • “I agree to uphold and support the high academic standards of the school by providing a place at home for my child to study and by encouraging my child in the completion of any homework or assignments.
  • “I appreciate the standards of the school and will not tolerate profanity, obscenity in word or action, dishonor to the Godhead or the Word of God, or disrespect to the staff of the school. I hereby agree to support regulations published in the school handbook in the applicant’s behalf and authorize the school to employ discipline as it deems wise and expedient for the training of my child.
  • “I understand that the school reserves the right, after a parental conference, to dismiss any child who fails to comply with established regulations and discipline or whose parents do not assume their responsibilities to the school.
  • “I have read the school handbook, agreed to complete Parent Orientation, and understand and agree to the terms stated on this application.”

Please type Yes below for agreement of these above statements. 

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Upon completing this form, you will be redirected to proceed with the payment. The required enrollment forms, which include:- Parent-School Agreement- Statement of Faith -Statement of Agreement- Statement of Discipline- Academic Policy- Attendance Policy- Vaccine & Medical Policy- Ministry Standard of Conduct- Financial Agreement, Tutiton payment and other fees must be submitted before the student can begin classes. If there are financial difficulties, please contact the school's administrator.

Please type "Yes" below to indicate your agreement with the above statements.

Yes No
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