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CHESS Members' T-shirt

Dress Code: In line with our commitment to creating an environment that reflects our Christian values and fosters a focused learning environment, our dress code is important in cultivating a sense of unity and joy within our homeschool community.

"Clothing holds a powerful influence, especially on children, shaping not only their external appearance but also influencing their behavior and self-perception. What they wear can impact how they feel about themselves and how others perceive them. By guiding our children in making discerning clothing choices, we aim to foster a positive self-image, promote a sense of pride, and encourage behaviors aligned with the values we hold as Christians.

NO sweatpants, jogging pants, jogging shorts, tights, leggings, workout clothes, hoodies, tank tops, crop tops, low-cleavage tops, spaghetti strap tank tops, or similar attire during CHESS co-op days. Hoodies are permitted, but the hood must always be kept OFF the head.

Remember, you must wear the CHESS Co-op T-shirt to co-op. On co-op days, jeans, slacks, mid-length skirts, etc., are permitted. 

Homeschooling provides an environment where we have the authority and autonomy to maintain purity and holiness; therefore, we must continue to promote it.

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Thank you for supporting our co-op! We can't wait to see everyone sporting their new shirts.