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ReEnrollment Application

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A non-refundable fee of $20 per family is required to complete the registration process. Each enrolled student must have an updated application on file in their permanent records annually.

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Address and Phone Number (if changed)

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Parent, what is your reason for re-selecting our school for your child(ren) this year? 

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Restricted Pick-up Information. I understand that if I wish to have someone other than these individuals listed below to pick up my child(ren) from KGCA, I must notify the Administrator of the individual's name and the time the child(ren) will be picked up. 


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I permit KGCA to transport my child for planned school activities and school-sponsored events away from the school property. Since I also believe that discipline is necessary for the welfare of each student and the entire school, I permit to make and enforce classroom rules consistent with Christian principles as outlined in the Scriptures. 

I further agree to hold the school and its agents harmless for any liability to my child because of any claims on behalf of my child and against the school or its agents due to any injury or alleged injury to my child. Suppose legal action should, for any reason, be taken against Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy or its agents or employees on behalf of my child, and the school or its agent not be found at fault. In that case, I agree to pay any attorney fees, court costs, damages, or other costs KGCA may incur to defend itself against such action. 

This statement of cooperation, application, and CHESS membership will remain effective as long as my child is listed, enrolled, or attending Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy. Do you agree? 

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Upon completing this form, you will be redirected to proceed with the payment. The required enrollment forms, which include:- Parent-School Agreement- Statement of Faith -Statement of Agreement- Statement of Discipline- Academic Policy- Attendance Policy- Vaccine & Medical Policy- Ministry Standard of Conduct- Financial Agreement, Tutiton payment and other fees must be submitted before the student can begin classes. If there are financial difficulties, please contact the school's administrator.

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