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Withdrawal Form for KGCA

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If your family is in a position in which you need to withdraw for your child(ren) from KGCA, or cancel your CHESS Membership please complete the form below:

  1. Notify the school and/or CHESS administrator. We encourage you to schedule a meeting to discuss any specific issues or concerns as per the guidelines for CHESS Membership and/or Student Handbook. If there are no specific issues or concerns, scheduling this meeting may not be required.
  2. Complete the withdrawal form below. 
  3. Optional: Complete the Share-Your-Experience portion of this form regarding your familiy's experience with us. 

Please remember that KGCA student records and transcripts are not released for withdrawn students until all current fees are paid. Please refer to the Student Handbook and/or Financial Agreement for more information.


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Parent/guardian first and last Name

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Family's enrollment status

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Email address

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Today's date

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Please list all of your children's first and last name 

6. *

Reason for withdrawl or transfer

Personal Finances Personal Family issues
Spiritual issues Philosophical Differences
Transferring to another school Academic issues
Discipline difficulties Moving out of the city/county/state
Other (please tell us)

Other, please share the reason. 

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  • School to which student is transferring (if withdrawing multiple students who will be attending different schools, please list all school with the student's name) Example: XYZ Academy- John Doe
  • If your family is from withdrawing from KGCA to homeschool, please type homeschooling.

Would you like to be considered for re-enrollment and/or membership at a future date?


Withdrawal Policy

KGCA Withdrawal Policy: Withdrawal of a student during the school year should be given careful consideration. Because the school has ordered textbooks, planned schedules, and hired teachers based on the number of students enrolled, the following policy will be enforced:

  • Each family is responsible for tuition and fees for the entire semester should they choose to withdraw (regardless of the withdrawal date), or if expulsion occurs before the conclusion of that semester.
  • Grades and transcripts will not be released until full payment and other obligations have been met, including all tuition, fees, and fines. Textbooks and sports uniforms must also be returned.

CHESS Membership: Member families may cancel or revoke their membership at any time. However, the membership fees, co-op class or umbrella enrollment fees are non-refundable. 


10. *

Date of family's official withdrawal


Optional: Share-Your-Experience, we would love to hear from you! 

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