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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


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Zoom-Education Pandemic-Arrows in the Quiver
Children are called arrows in Psalm 127 for a reason. "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward, As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are the children of the youth." Therefore, arrows must be crafted very carefully.
Zoom-Education Pandemic-Globalist Sex Education Agenda
Globalist Sex Education Agenda LGBT History & Comprehensive Sex Education (HB0246, SB2761, HB5012, SB3788, SB25) & BLM curriculum. The CSE bill is dangerous and woefully ungodly. In NSES, masturbation is an element of CSE guidelines and what is and will be funnel through the public education system.
Zoom-Education Pandemic-Indoctrination, Not Education part 1
Dumbing Down of America's Education System and how to begin homeschooling and alternatives to government education.
10 Things parents need to know about the new sex ed video
By the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. In 2010, Ontario unveiled a new sex ed curriculum for grades 1-8. When parents saw what was in it, there was such an uproar the government withdrew it. Now it’s back. Here's our rundown of the top 10 things parents need to know.
IndoctriNation Trailer
Sadly, most American Christian children are being discipled daily by pro-choice secularists, atheists, evolutionists, politicized bureaucrats, far left unions and oftentimes even child molesters. Under the guise of education the publicly funded monopoly of Government schools has engaged in a vast program of social engineering designed to eradicate the Christian faith from American life. This film warns Christians about the subversive and anti-Christian nature of the American education system and calls on all Christians to participate in a mass exodus from government education for the sake of their children and the future of America.
Law Professor Attacks Parental Rights video
James Dwyer, law professor at the prestigious College of William and Mary, believes your parental rights come from the State. And what the State can give, the State can take away. Take action now at
Comprehensive Sex Ed
National Sexuality Education Standards, present that promiscuous sexual behavior is normal and children have a right to engage in sexual acts as long as they are consensual.
Our mission is to protect children by empowering parents through adoption of the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and through state laws supporting fundamental parental rights.
Our Report Ministries & Publications
God designed the family as an expression of His spiritual truths, to reflect His image and fulfill a critical role in the earth. God commands parents to be the stewards and catalyst in instituting and demonstrating a moral and practical way of life to their children, to ensure that knowledge will be carried from generation to generation.
Christian Home Educators Support System
Uniting Parents to advocate Christ-centered education by supporting and encouraging homeschooling families and providing social and educational advantages for homeschooling children to be equipped academically, economically, physically, and spiritually.
Homeschool Cooperative Academy
Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy is organized exclusively for developing, empowering and educating youth on Biblical Principles and Accelerated Education.
Operation Jericho Project
Operation Jericho Project is the Solution so join us as we Stand in the Gap for our nation’s children and Rescue them from the government indoctrination system we call “public education.”
To preserve and advance the fundamental, God-given, constitutional right of parents and others legally responsible for their children to direct their education. In so doing, we rely on two fundamental freedoms—parental rights and religious freedom. We advocate for these freedoms in the courtrooms, before government officials, and in the public arena. Additionally, we assist other educational organizations in similar activities, where possible and appropriate.